Tips for Building Self Confidence

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How To Build Confidence

Do you know how to gain confidence? Well the first thing that you must do when you want to gain confidence is to build confidence first. So, lets look at learning how to build confidence and then we will look at how to gain confidence as well.

First of all, if you are not a very confident person, you need to learn how to build confidence. It takes practice like other things to learn how to build self-confidence, but just take it easy and slowly ease your way into learning how to build self-confidence.

What we need to do to build self-confidence is take an example and follow the same principles that I am going to point out to you when learning how to build self-confidence. Let's take this example, imagine there is a girl or guy that you like and you want to ask them out, but you don't have the self-confidence to do so Here is a that you can follow to build some self-confidence. Write out what you are going to say to the person that you are going to ask out then write down the main answers which will be yes or no and then besides those answers write all the things that you can do to eliminate the possibility of total humiliation.

I mean if the person reply is no, then write down things like, take frustration out on the gym or I have gained a new friend in the person I asked out anyway. This is called the process of elimination and when learning how to build self-confidence, you are eliminating every avenue of every answer so that you come back to a normal mind set. Try it, it does take a bit of practice to perfect, but it will surely help with learning how to build self-confidence.

If we know how to build self-confidence now, how do we gain self-confidence? Well as I said in learning how to build self-confidence, it takes practice. Also another way to gain self-confidence is support from friends and family telling you that you can do it, no matter what the task is. An example of learning how to gain self-confidence is to look at a footballer, he has so much self-confidence because he is the best in his position and people like coaches and the media and friends and family have supported that footballer through his life and given him the belief that he can do it. This is how he is gaining self-confidence. You can use this same formula as well to gain self-confidence.

Another way that we can gain self-confidence is to write down what we need to gain self confidence in and use the process of elimination technique that I showed you in learning how to build self-confidence. We can write down all the negatives and all the positives and then we can tactically eliminate what we don't need or use practical answers to eliminate any negatives.

It's a fantastic process to use, the old process of elimination and I would recommend that everyone use it in their lives for one reason or another.

Well all the best with learning how to build self-confidence and learning how to gain self-confidence, I sincerely hope that this reading will help you with both of those tasks and most of all have some fun while you are doing it, that is the key to everything,

Have fun, be happy and Good Luck!



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